25 before 25 Bucket List

Enjoying the view in Peru!

My 25 before 25 Bucket list

Me, walking through a temple in Bali

What made me want to create a 25 before 25 bucket list? Well I have been traveling for over 2 years now and I always claim that the more places I see, the more places I want to go. Same goes for the more people I meet, the more inspired I am to try new things and put myself out there. If you were to read through the back on my journal or the notes of my phone, you will find at least 100 lists of everything from foods I want to try, to places I have to see.

A friend inspired me to take all of these things that I want to do and create a few bucket lists. I started with 25 things I want to do before I turn 25, but then I continued challenging myself. You can find my 50 before 50 and 100 before 100 coming soon. Until then, let’s see how well I stick to this one!

Me, sitting on the boat, heading out to the island of Capri in Italy

1.Take my parents to Europe – and pay for everything.

2. Live in one country Abroad for at least 6 months

3. Learn to surf

4. Snowboard in 5 countries

5. Visit India

6. Learn 2 languages

7. Exercise often and eat healthy so I can be my best self

8. Get Scuba certified

9. Generate 2 sources of passive income

10. Make enough money to donate to causes I care about everywhere I go

11. Volunteer at least 5 hours a week where ever I am (consistently for at least 6 months)

12. Fall in love

13. Successfully run my own business

14. Visit home at least 1x a year to see my family

15. Consciously make more time for the people I love

16. Inspire someone

17. Visit 10 new countries (60 countries before 25)

18. Post on my blog every day

19. Grow a meaningful following

20. Save $10,000

21. Do something that terrifies me once a year

22. Buy a new camera that I love

23. Have my own clothes made

24. Go back to Iceland in the Winter

25. Go to Egypt to visit the Great Pyramids

Me sitting on a boat in Bali, on a lake

Do you have a 25 before 25 Bucket list?

If not I challenge you to make one! If you have over 25, try a 30 before 30, 50 before 50 or even 100 before 100. Believe me, I have one of each! Be sure to share with me what’s on your list! Leave some comments below and we can help keep each other accountable.

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