9 essential things to do in Prague

bubbles being blown in the square right outside of the city

As you may or may not know, Prague was the first city that I ever fell in love with. Before Prague I didn’t even know that falling in love with a city was possible. Nor did I think that it would happen for me. Naively, I thought that I was going to spend the summer in Europe, have an amazing time, and then head home and that would be it. I was totally wrong.

One fateful morning I was wandering around by myself in Prague, I was happier than I had been in a long time.

For a while everyone asked me why I like Prague so much and I couldn’t really tell them. It was just something that I felt. This city just had meaning for me that I had never felt before. Long story short, nowadays I have spent so much time in Prague that I wanted to share 9 essential things that I think you should do while you are there!

Overlooking the city of Prague

9 Essential things to do while you are in Prague

1. Food, food and more food

Eat the ice-cream inside the spiral donut. Yes I am starting out with something that you should eat, because yes I am still obsessed with food – particularly ice cream – and eating was the first thing I did when I got to Prague. They spiral donuts full of ice-cream are actually not even from the Czech Republic, they are actually Hungarian. However, they are sold all over the city and you better just eat one while you are there.

This is a local dessert that you can find. It is a spiral donut and it is so good

2. Paddle boats on the river

Grab all your friends and rent some paddle boats to float around on the river for a while. It is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the city, besides there is a floating bar in the river, so it’s a must do. We paddled out there, and then just hangout and relaxed for a while.

3. Sandemans free walking tour

These free walking tours are my favourite thing to do in any city. I love them. Their guides are always top notch and they give you tons of great information. I try to do the free walking tour on my first day in any new city. This way I can get a feel for what there is to do and see, without wasting any time! I discovered Sandemans in Prague, but I continued to take their tours all over Europe.

4. Watch the clock chime

Okay so nothing exciting happens, but still, line up with everyone else and watch the clock go off. It’s like the oldest one out there still working. So come on guys….. There’s no fireworks but there is ancient history. A quick story for you: The man who created that clock was called Mikuláš of Kadaň. He created the oldest part of the clock that dates back to the year 1410. There is an ancient legend about the clock that gets passed around for tourists to enjoy. They say that the original clock maker was called Hanus. And after he finished the clock the counsel found out that he had plans to make another. They got so jealous that they blinded him so he could never make another. Then, he destroyed this clock and no one was ever able to repair it. However, the real history of the clock is not quite so interesting or gruesome, and watching the clock preform is just about as disappointing. So just enjoy the clock, and all the tourists gathered there with you to watch.

bubbles being blown in the square right outside of the city


You won’t be in Prague for 5 minutes before you are invited on about 1 of 10 different bar crawls. All my friends at the hostel ended up doing them all. Bar crawls are pretty huge all over Europe but I think the ones in Prague take the cake. Give one a try. Not sure which one to do? Mad Monkeys is a lot of fun and usually if you can make it back to the bar the next day, they’ll give you free t shirt. (ps, I don’t know a single person that actually got their t shirt so let me know if you did!!)

6. The Beer Garden that overlooks the city

This is a gorgeous place to hangout. You get to overlook the city, have a beer or cider with your friends, take your kids and they can run around with other kids. Even if you aren’t drinking, it is an awesome place to hangout. There is tons of little food carts, and different things to drink. It makes for a great afternoon overlooking the city.

7. Visit the Castle

Make the walk up to castle. Unless you are smarter than me, then just take the bus. It is actually a really brutal walk! It was hot out, and so so steep. I thought that we were never going to make it. In all my trips to Prague, I finally got smart by the end and just took the bus. The Prague castle is stunning, I loved it. You can take a walk through, and visit the ancient cathedral, and see all the gardens. I would go in the morning and try to escape the crowds.

Pretty yellow walls in the city

8. Eat some more.

Make sure to try everything local. The food in Prague is so flavourful and delicious. Not to mention it is pretty cheap! It’s all quite heavy, no light salads or vegan options here. But hey, it all tastes good and fills you up for a while

  • Weiner Sausages
  • Kulajda
  • Beef Tartare
  • Svickova
  • Schintzel with potatoe salad

9. Escape the city with a cool day trip!

Cesky Krumlove – Just a few hours south of Prague is the fairy tale city of Cesky Krumlove. The perfect escape from the city for a day. I loved this little town. It had the charm and old school feel of Prague but on a small scale. The whole city is very walkable, and there is plenty to entertain yourself with for a day. Go ahead and give it a go.

The Bone Church – Spooky and amazing. This church is FULL of human bones. Everything is the church is built out of them. From the light fixtures to the pew, even the chandelier is made completely of bones. The church itself contains the bones of over 40,000 people. It is such a cool site to see.

I really hope that this post was helpful to you! And maybe it will inspire youth check out my favourite city in Europe! (yes this still stands true, even after I have gone to over 100 cities in Europe)

Let me know what you did when you were in Prague! I want to hear all your tales. Please let me know if you did anything especially cool, I love Prague and I can’t wait to go back and try new things!

statue of a disciple


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