About Justyn – The Adventurous Middle Child

My Adventure

Hey guys. Welcome to Adventures of a middle child. My name is Justyn Gourdin. I started traveling two years ago now right after I had turned 19. It was a big decision, luckily well supported by my parents that started with me dropping out of school to see what the world could teach me. Since then I have been to over 45 countries. My passport has become my best read book I am finally getting around to sharing my adventures with the world. My parents also encouraged me to start this blog, and I thought it would be a great idea to keep everyone up to date with where I was, and what I had been up too. What started as a fun hobby for my friends and family to check up on, turned into my passion that’s kept me traveling for the past 2 years. I began my adventures at a very young age, without really any knowledge of the world. I’ll be honest, I was pretty naive. I still am, but I have learned such an amazing amount of things
A little bit about me.
When I was younger I loved family vacations. Enjoying the adventure has been ingrained in me since I was little. Most people get to that point where they have had a lot of fun, but they are ready to come home. I don’t think I ever got to that point, and I definitely think that I go that from my parents. I come from a family of free spirits, we are always off with our heads in the clouds, but luckily, we grew up with parents that encouraged us to live our dreams and still remind me daily that anything is possible. Another thing they have to remind me daily is to slow down, I don’t have to see the whole world right now. I have a lifetime ahead of me to explore every corner of this awesome planet and I can’t wait. So basically it’s thanks to them that I am here right now, writing this, continuing to chase that dream.
I love the mystery that comes with travel. I love the unknown, stepping off a plane is a foreign place for the first time fills me with an excitement that I don’t get from anything else. Whether it’s spending hours roaming aimlessly in the cobblestone streets or searching out the best gelato in Italy, I find traveling to be the most fascinating, exhilarating thing. Thanks for joining along on my journey.

Going Forward

My goal for this blog is to inspire and ignite a fire within you to travel. Especially to have the confidence to travel alone. I truly think that no matter who you are and no matter what life stage you are in, traveling alone can make such a difference in your life. It changes the way you interact with people, and how they interact with you. Mostly, it changes the way the you interact with an entire city. Solo travel is complete freedom.

It may seem scary, but please come to me with all your stories, questions and itineraries. Planning trips and traveling alone are two of my favorite things.

A photo of me standing in the rice paddies

Things I love

  1. Icecream
  2. My family
  3. Airplanes
  4. Street Food
  5. Puppies